Test Data Generation with GEDIS Studio

With GEDIS Studio, GenieLog introduces a technological breakthrough in the field of automatic generation of test data. We designed this tool to produce realistic data and to be easily integrated into your development and testing environments.


When it comes to serious testing, quality of the test data is of major concern. It means that you need to control the generated data both with respect to the correlated values and the number of times a value can be produced in a dataset.

Thanks to GEDIS Studio, it becomes quick and easy to produce realistic test data without a line of code, without access to production database nor be a database administrator.

GEDIS Studio generates realistic data for your test databases and test automation tools such as QuickTest, TestPartner, Selenium, JUnit, etc.

With GEDIS Studio, you can produce in-a-click data for multiple injection interfaces (CSV, SQL, XML, etc.) and be liberated from the painful constraints of production data processing.

GEDIS Studio can usefully supplement a production data extraction approach to reduce costs of developing data sets and to improve the realism with respect to your test objectives. On the other hand, GEDIS Studio can function independently and allows you to build test data in the absence of production data.

An industrial implementation of a solution of test data management is a prerequisite to bug-free systems and to control costs of the tests. By opting for GEDIS Studio you choose a real solution for the industrialization of your management of data sets.